Equipping Young Adults to Serve

I met her in the hallway of our Nashville housing site. She had one of those smiles that can light up a room. She was enthusiastic, full of energy, and so present in each moment. Beth is a college student, a CSM City host, a native to Nashville, and a beautiful expression of the Christian faith.

After being encouraged to seek an internship in ministry for the summer, Beth discovered CSM and found that we host student and adult groups to serve at local organizations in the city. These organizations exist to meet a specific need in communities across Nashville.

Beth also noticed that these were the same organizations that had once provided help to her family and kept them off the street, out of danger, and full of food. Without the help of these organizations and her extended family, she knew that her life would have been tragically different.

This summer would be a way for Beth to give back to them, and give glory to God for His provision over her family during tough times.

Every summer, CSM equips more than 50 college and young adults to serve as “City Hosts” across 9 cities. The internship is a 9-week marathon of leading groups through the city, engaging them in service, partnering in their discipleship, and learning about communities from diverse cultures. It’s a summer of learning to work together as a team. It’s a summer of looking to see where God is working and listening to hear what He is saying. It’s a summer of growing, gaining confidence, and learning how to serve God to the fullest.

Over 31 years, CSM has hired and developed 2,000+ summer hosts and year-long interns. We are not just a short-term mission trip organization. We are a leadership development organization that takes who God gives us and helps them discern where God is calling them. City Hosts are the biggest reason that we have been able to care for and host 200,000 students and leaders over the years.

So many lives have been impacted by our ministry, but we know that our ministry has been and will always be deeply impacted by the summer City Hosts who serve so well.

Do you have college students/young adults that would be interested in being a host or intern for CSM? Do you need help creating a strategy to engage young adults in ministry to others? 

Let’s talk about how you can equip and mobilize the young adults in your church.

Don Ballard, CEO

Testimony, CSM StaffEmily Kelley