City Highlight: Washington DC

Summer at CSM is always an adventure in the best possible way. You’d think that by my fourth summer with CSM, I’d stop being surprised by the amazing ways God shows up, both big and small. He is in all of our amazing hosts who are working so hard and learning so much, our groups who are learning so much about God and themselves and our ministry partners who are showing up every day to love the community well. I really love this circle of ministry. The Directors pour into the hosts, who pour into the groups, who pour into the ministry partners, who pour into the community where the Directors live. It’s so wonderful to take a moment to step back and see the patterns of blessing that exist in these cycles of life.

More often than not, in the middle of the summer season, it is hard to create space to step back and see how God is moving in our city. There are so many tasks and things that pop up that need to be handled quickly, and it’s easy to lose perspective on the reason behind all of this work and why we do what we do. But it’s absolutely the most important thing. In Psalm 46:10 we’re told, “He says ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth.” Pausing to see how near God is to us is absolutely the most important thing we can do.

Group members: Seeing God at work in the community is more important than any actions that you take or words that you speak. If you tell everyone about God but they don’t see Him in you, you’ve missed out on the beautiful work of actually sharing the Gospel.

Hosts: If you miss the opportunity to rest in the Lord and take a moment for reflection, you’ll miss out on the amazing ways He is developing you into graceful, patient, flexible leaders.

Directors: If you don’t take the opportunity to pause your work and enjoy time with your groups, you’ll miss out on the joy of seeing these trips that you’ve been planning all year come to life.

Ministry Partners. We’re here for you. We come so that we can give you a bit of rest. Rest from running around after the kids that you love so much and show up for every day. Rest from making beds for our neighbors on the street who have a warm place to sleep because of your work. Rest from cooking countless meals for our hungry neighbors so you can enjoy time with them.

For all of us, wherever we are, let's pause. Let's take a moment of stillness and see that He IS God. This is beautiful, challenging, and something that is worthy of praise every day.

God is doing powerful things in DC through our neighbors, our groups, our ministry partners and our amazing team of hosts. Will you please pray for us to pause in a moment of stillness to look around and see that He is God and that He loves us more than the next tasks on our lists? May we pause to see that our groups and our partners are worth more than the work that they do, that they are beautiful and valued as they are, because they are made in God’s image. May we all earnestly seek to hear His word in the midst of everyday life and move towards being a tangible example of His love in the small and important interactions of friends, both new and old.