I Felt Discouraged by the Christian Church...

Maggie hosted for CSM in Denver in 2016. She is now currently working with a ministry in Denver as a care coordinator at a house for youth experiencing homelessness. This is her story.


The year between my second and third year of getting my undergraduate degree in social work, I was very invested in societal issues and wanted to pursue a more fair and just world for the poor. Although I know this is the heart of Jesus, I was cynical and discouraged about the American Christian Church’s participation in loving the poor in meaningful ways. I applied to work for CSM as an honest effort to invest in a Christian organization even though I was disillusioned by most. Not only did CSM restore my hope in Christian love for the poor in humble, dignifying ways, but it opened my eyes to a model of community that throws itself into the everyday life partnership of restoring a cities through friendship, education, cooperation, and following Jesus’s example of laying oneself aside.

CSM’s approach to changing the “inner-heart” of the individual through compassion for the poor, ultimately changes the way communities are structured. CSM takes on partnerships with existing organizations and ministries in order to support them and educate through their expertise. This effectively models the “inner-heart” change and the outcome of it through a network of compassionate people working with and on behalf of the poor. This approach is very holistic and, to me, reflects the heart of Jesus for His people and how to live together generously and collaboratively for a more complete version of restoration.

Not only did CSM change the way I think about the heart of Jesus for the poor, and His love for generosity and collaboration within community; it restored my hope in the unity of Christ’s body. It made me want to invest in the Church’s mission to love the world and point efforts towards God’s love and harmony. It encouraged me to be a good listener from Christians different from me, and be an effective communicator to other believers about how God has changed my heart for His will.CSM gave me new eyes and confidence to step boldly back into the story of God’s people living together and working out their differences for the sake of His glory. I’m so glad CSM exists to soften hearts like mine and encourage those in need of hope!

Maggie Cashman CSM Denver City Host, 2016


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