Learn. Serve. Impact.

Learn. Serve. Impact. What does it mean?

Since the beginning of CSM’s history we've had the same vision: To provide an effective urban ministry experience that transforms lives, influences churches and communities, and honors Christ. What started as just a project in Los Angeles quickly grew into 11 fully-staffed cities across the US in just 30 years. A lot has changed all those years but our desire to see impact and our commitment to following God’s vision stayed the same.

Choosing a theme for the 2018 year was exciting because we got to sit down and decide in just a few words precisely what CSM is all about and what we hoped this year will bring for our ministry and the people who come to serve with us. Learn. Serve. Impact. ultimately came up and we immediately knew it pieced everything together perfectly. Those 3 little words capture what our trips are all about... and each time I think about what they mean to our ministry, I get even more excited!

LEARNBefore we jump into serving a new city, we recognize the importance of arriving with humility and an openness to learning. Our full-time staff in each of our cities are living among the people we serve. They’ve built sacred relationships within their community and care deeply about the problems that the city faces. One of the most unique things we incorporate in a CSM trip is a Prayer Tour. Your City Host takes your group around the city, pointing out hidden facts, history, and stopping at different places to pray for specific groups within the community. When you sign up for a trip with CSM, expect to learn first-hand from our staff and from our partners with who operate on the front lines of urban ministry.

SERVEService is what we do. It’s why CSM was started. After you’ve learned about the city, you have two different opportunities each day to serve somewhere new. Instead of creating the work ourselves, we proudly partner with dozens of organizations who are already seeking to meet a specific need in the city. We listen to what theyneed each day and provide the help to get it done. Our serving opportunities are so diverse that no two weeks at CSM will ever be identical!

IMPACTWe believe that God is at work before, during, and after your mission trip. Our trips are designed to help you process through what that looks like. While you’re here, you’re part of a solution for a city… but you’re not the solution. There will be groups before you and after you that come to serve. Even though there is still so much work to be done, a lot of it would not be possible without you and your willingness to learn about and serve in the city. Our hope is that you will leave feeling impacted and go home seeking impact in your community.

We are excited for you to serve with us this year and experience life in the city!!

- Emily Kelley Marketing Coordinator