Nashville Spotlight

"We cannot wait to continue to witness God’s faithfulness as dreams are realized and this home and property is filled with laughter and love..."

One of the greatest honors and sweetest joys of working with CSM is building relationships with community partners who have been living and serving in Nashville for many years; one such partner is Family Affair Ministries (FAM). Pastor Glenda started FAM over thirty years ago by moving into a public housing community in East Nashville and simply loving her neighbors. She eventually began to offer numerous services like childcare, summer camps, clothing support, and emergency food. After such long and faithful ministry, Nashville school principals and counselors know they can come to FAM for an Emergency Food Bag for a hungry child or to the FAM Clothes Closet when a family needs warm clothes.


Over the years, FAM has received threats, experienced riots, and have even seen their neighbors erect physical walls around their property and figurative walls around their work. And yet, FAM has been faithful. CSM has partnered with FAM for 18 years; but in recent months, we have had the privilege of witnessing their faithfulness being rewarded in new and unbelievable ways!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, FAM was forced to sell the building they owned and operated from in East Nashville. But with the fruits of that successful sell, they recently purchased a large property and house north of Nashville. On this property, they now have a space that will allow children to run, play, swim, explore nature, garden, and cultivate their dreams; a space for rest and retreat from the city; a home entrusted to God and, thus, appropriately named “Papa’s Place.” We cannot wait to continue to witness God’s faithfulness as dreams are realized and this home and property is filled with laughter and love.


Through CSM, you are joining hands with a long line of people just like Pastor Glenda and Family Affair Ministries who have faithfully trusted and served God in our cities. What a joy it is to join in that family, to be “co-workers in God’s service” (1 Cor. 3:9), and to rejoice together at God’s good gifts!


Jennifer & Brent

CSM Nashville Staff



How can you support us in Nashville?

We have learned a lot about home improvement while working for CSM: if you need someone to patch a wall, repair a sink, paint a wall, or change a doorknob, you know you can call the Nashville staff! What we don’t know how to do, however, is repair showers…

In the last few weeks, we have had to shut down two of our four showers due to a major leak. We were able to survive the spring season, but we need to fix the shower problem before hundreds of people walk through our doors this summer.

Would you be willing to contribute financially to fixing our shower problem so that we can continue to provide the best experience possible for our (stinky) teams?


We have been incredibly blessed by the presence of two apprentices, Kelsey and Andrew, for the past six months. The two of them contribute so much to what we do in Nashville, while also learning from and serving with other community partners in the city. They do all that while also fundraising their support and salary.

We are confident that Nashville is better with them here! So would you please pray for them as they continue to serve, seek support, and learn; pray for us (Jennifer and Brent) as we try to lead and love them well; and if you feel led to partner with Kelsey and Andrew and support them financially, you can donate to either of them directly by selecting “Andrew Case” or “Kelsey Bryant” on the CSM donation page.