San Francisco

San Francisco draws visitors and residents from all over the world to take in its beautiful architecture, incredible views, and diverse culture. Mention “The City by the Bay” and people think of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, and the 49ers football team. The romance that draws people to the city can turn into despair and pain for many.

The homeless population grows daily, as outrageous housing costs box even middle class families out of the housing market. Thousands of people live a paycheck away from the streets as the elderly, immigrant families, and others strive to survive the economics of a city bent on gentrification and serving the elite few that can afford to live within her borders. Poverty, drugs, underemployment, literacy, AIDS, crime, and violence take a daily toll on the people of San Francisco.

Looking through Jesus’ eyes at the people and issues that make up San Francisco, There is great hope for the future of San Francisco and her people. Jesus is alive and well in the city! Both small and large organizations, church communities, and followers of Christ seek daily to alleviate the suffering and shine God’s light in very dark places.


With CSM San Francisco Bay Area you will have the opportunity to serve with a different organization or church each day of your trip, gaining a broad overview of the needs of the Bay Area and how God is at work.  Our ministry partners span from SF to Oakland, San Leandro to Richmond and cross various sectors, although, you will often work with Food Justice and at risk children and youth because these needs are currently the greatest.  In 2015, the SF Bay Area was identified by the Barna Group as the least churched area in the US.  In addition to your group's service, we covet your prayers for this beautiful tourist destination laced with poverty and vulnerable people, and ask you to join Christ in building His Kingdom.

Meet the Directors


jason & kim foster

Jason and Kim both have a love for youth and missions. When God brought them together, they were excited to share similar passions for ministry, as well as their life together and were married in September 2005. Kim (Turner) Foster was born in the Bay Area in San Jose and raised in the Central Valley, in Turlock, so she’s excited to be home serving in ministry. Kim has an undergraduate degree from CSU Stanislaus in Business Administration and a graduate degree in Biblical Studies from Multnomah.

Jason grew up in Salt Lake City and has a youth ministry degree from Trinity International University. The Fosters spent the first part of their life together deploying short–term youth mission teams overseas, so their experience prepared them well for CSM. They are currently making their home in the East Bay with their two children Stephanie and Patrick. When you ask Jason and Kim why they would want to come serve Jesus through CSM they both have no hesitation in saying, “It’s the perfect fit. We get to work with youth, youth workers, seasonal staff and apprentices which we believe is our calling and then on top of that we get to serve in the city among under–served people and be changed by Christ in the city”.

Jason Kim