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Let's Serve Together

With over 30 years of providing effective urban ministry experiences that transforms lives, influences churches and communities, and honors Christ— plan your next trip with us.



Getting Started

From gathering information to serving along side us in a city of your choice— learn about what steps lie ahead as you being to plan your trip.


Step 1

Due to the volume of registrations that we receive per day, we cannot provide an online calendar of availability for each city.

Define the size and type of your group and look into what dates work best for your team.

Fall/Winter (October – February): Trips can be 24 hours, 2 nights, or 5 nights.
Spring (March & April): Only weekend (Friday – Sunday) or 5 night trips (Starting on Sunday evening)
May: Call for availability
Summer (June – August): All 5-night trips starting on Sunday evening, ending on Friday morning.


Step 2

If you have not served with us before, you will need to create an account by clicking the button below. If you already have an account, log-in below and click on the “Register a New Trip” button to complete registration.

We cannot guarantee or set aside any dates until you've completed registration and made a deposit. The deposit is due upon registration will be 20% of the total cost person. There is no additional fee to register. You must complete registration and make a deposit at least 45 days before the start of the trip.


Step 3

Congrats, you're all registered! Time to get your students excited.

You should have received a trip confirmation email from our Home Office. In this email you will find a packet of city-specific details and on-site contact information. Also in that email is the password to access the Group Leader Resources page. In there you will find resources to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.


Step 4

After your deposit is made, we split your remaining balance into 2 equal payments. The first installment should be paid 3 months before the trip and the final payment should be made 1 month before the trip.

Adding a Serving Group
To increase in serving group size, you must contact the Home Office at least 45 days before the trip to see if there is still availability in the city.

Increasing or Decreasing Group Size
The deadline to increase or decrease within your registered group size range is 2 weeks before the trip.


Step 5

Shortly after your deposit is paid, you will receive a confirmation email from us with a city-specific packet of information to get you started. In this packet you will learn a bit more about the city and the housing accommodations.

Our full-time staff will take care of your trip from here. We put together a full schedule, customized to fit your group & the needs of our community partners. About a month before your arrival, our City Director will set up a video call to go over your schedule and answer any final questions.

Contact the Home Office to update your group number if it has changed.


Step 6

We're so excited that you've chosen to serve with us! We'll see you in the city!

Don’t forget to check out the group leaders’ page for pre-trip & post-trip resources to share with your team. Check the welcome email that you received after registering to find the password.


Group Types

Each CSM experience is diiferent. Here are our group types.

Junior High
Students 12 - 17 years old along with adult leaders. There must be at least one leader per every five students. Our New York City site cannot accommodate Junior High groups.


Senior High
Students 14 - 17 years old along with adult leaders. There must be at least one leader per every five students.

Consists completely of college students (older leaders not required).


This group type consists of adults 18 years old and above.


Serving Group Sizes

Your group may increase or decrease within your registered group size range. We will need to know your final numbers within that range at least 2 weeks before the start of your trip. See chart below.

Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Washington, DC:

Number of serving groups Minimum number required Maximum number increase
1 7 people 14 people
2 20 people 28 people
3 34 people 42 people
4 48 people 56 people
5 62 people 70 people
6 76 people 84 people

Denver, New York City, and San Francisco:

Number of serving groups Minimum number required Maximum number increase
1 7 people 12 people
2 16 people 24 people
3 28 people 36 people
4 40 people 48 people
5 52 people 60 people
6 64 people 72 people

To add on another serving group to your trip, there must still be availability in the city and it must be at least 45 days before the start of your trip. Once you register for a certain amount of serving groups, you will be held financially responsible for the minimum number of participants required in that serving group. You may not decrease your number of serving groups. Adding a serving group must be done contacting the Home Office.


Trip Cost

1 Night


2 Night


5 Night


This covers all housing, meals including the evening meals at an international restaurant, your service program coordination, and one or more CSM City Hosts who are dedicated to your group the entire time you are with CSM. The only thing you have to cover are transportation costs. A CSM T-Shirt and Discipleship Journal will be included in the cost for trips starting in March 2020.

In NYC, there is an additional $33/person added to your total for public transportation


Let’s Serve Together